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At Daminaans, we are driven by our core philosophy of providing efficient and affordable speech and hearing aid solutions to those in need. Over the years, our team of expert audiologists and speech therapists have helped transform the lives of those troubled by mild to severe ailments. With professional and unbiased service, free trial of revolutionary hearing aids and specialized care solutions, we, at Daminaans guarantee the perfect solution tailored to your needs and budget. Visit our store today for expert consultation.

What do we offer?

Hearing Test

With a couple of highly advanced hearing tests, we evaluate your hearing sensitivity thus providing adequate remedies to enhance it.(Puretone Audiometry, impedance Audiometry)

Speech Therapy

We have been training people to improve their speech clarity, voice modulation and language problems since years, being an expert in it.

Hearing Aid Trial

Equipped with world class Hearing Aids, we excel in the mission of implementing right hearing aids to the right ones.

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Now you can get rid of hearing impairment and speech disorders under the most experienced team of speech and hearing professionals we have.


Hearing loss? Are they not audible to you? Do visit us and get examined by our experts, if ever you feel like you are losing the ability to hear.


We keep a regular check on the most innovative and advanced hearing aids in the market thus making it easily available to every generation and style.

Hearing assessments

Keeping selfless service a goal, our audiologists will assist you impartially and friendly, thus recommending you the best hearing aids and related remedies for hearing impairment.

Rechargeable Hearing device

Worried about your hearing aid's battery life? The efficient lithium-ion batteries serve 24 hours of guaranteed running time with a maximum of three hours of charging time.

Servicing of Hearing devices

These hearing aids are manufactured to comfort and satisfy every user with its perfection and compatibility. Even a minute defect is carefully serviced using the most modern computerized equipment without losing its viability.

Tinnitus assessment and management

Bothered of Tinnitus? Humming, buzzing, whistling, or hissing inside your head? The sufferers usually experience deep irritation and annoyance in or around ears. Its intensity varies from being a quiet background noise to being so loud that it is even audible over loud external sounds. This can happen at any time irrespective of age and health conditions. The only option is to choose right remedies through an experienced consultant at right time!


Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing systems.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing systems.

In-the-ear hearing systems.

Power hearing systems.

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